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Construction of the new Prosperous Lake Cabin

As most of the local followers know, PLSC is named after a lake that is just 20 minutes outside Yellowknife where we have our family cabin.  In the summer of 2019, we completed a "green demo" of the old cabin and have recently begun constructing a new cabin on the same site. 

This has been such an exciting endeavour; our material package came from Pacific Homes (awesome) and we have been working with Konge Construction (who have been amazing) to get the new place fully enclosed and sided by about May 10th.  After enclosure, Terry and I will take over and finish the interior.....needless to say, finishing will take a lot longer than the initial construction!  When we are finally done, we will have a fully functional inside bathroom vs the old (yet stylish) outhouse that is the hallmark of most northern cabins.  We will retain that cute little outhouse for times where future parties dictate the need for additional bathroom facilities. 

In addition to the construction, I retired from my day job with the Government of the Northwest Territories on February 28th and have devoted more of my time to PLSC.  It has been really weird to plan full days of "whatever the hell I want to do" and I am finally (after nearly 2 months) getting good at figuring out what to do when! 

Covid-19 has made retirement a bit "strange", interrupting our daily lives in such a profound way.  I am so glad that the NWT has managed this crisis so well - our Public Health officials and all essential workers deserve a HUGE thank you for all that they have been doing for us.

Anyway, enough babble....check out the photo from inside the great room of the new cabin!!  I will post another blog entry shortly that will be "product oriented".