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Healthy, Local Ingredients and Themes

I am totally a student of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) which is a group based in the UK.  I research each and every ingredient that I use in my products and the EWG is the best collection of information about product ingredients that I have found.  By using this resource I can assure myself and my customers that every ingredient is safe and good for us and the earth.

Another very important aspect is to try and source everything as close to home as possible.  Many of my ingredients come from suppliers in Alberta and BC but there are also items that I can get here in YK - whenever I have that opportunity I take advantage and shop locally.

You will see that I love Birchwood Coffee and have a soap that is made with their coffee as well as a soap that is made with the NWT Brewing Co's Kicksled Cream Ale. 

I also love our "northernness" so I have soaps named after our crazy ravens, our crisp, cold winters, long summer nights, our unique houseboat community and of course our cabin and beautiful Prosperous Lake.