How it all started.....

About 15 years ago I made my first batch of homemade soap.  I have always liked doing crafty things and soap making was just the latest thing that I wanted to try and make. That first attempt and the 3 or 4 times that followed were sort of, well....interesting!  I got unuseable glop with one batch and then some "sort of" acceptable soaps with the next couple batches. 

Although the soaps didn't really look the way I had intended, (they were "butt" ugly and didn't look at all like the beautiful photos in the "Handmade Soap Book" that I was referencing) I happily gave them to friends and family at Christmas and they all raved about how cute they were and how good they smelled.  Friends and family are always so kind and supportive - even when I give them my weird crafty stuff.  In the end though, nobody really wants a cocoa coloured soap that looks a bit like a nicely shaped dog poop.

Time went by and I lost my desire to make soaps when my addiction to scrapbooking took over my spare time.  I was also working full time and was really busy and I sort of forgot about making soap.

Then.......about a year ago, my friend Wendy reminded me about those funny looking little soaps that I had given her and even showed me one that she still had in one of her bathrooms - 15 years later!  I was a bit shocked that she still had it but it lit a fire under me to try my hand at soap making again.  My first few attempts (this time around) went very well and the soap looked pretty good and was quite acceptable.

Over the past year I have been creating recipes that include all natural ingredients and I have educated myself about oils, natural colorants, botanicals, clays, charcoal and whole bunch of other interesting stuff.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I need to switch to more natural ingredients in my products and I know alot of other people feel the same way.  I spent some time testing products on lots of "human subjects" (thanks to all 20 of you that tested for me) and incorporated their feedback into my products. 

Now - May 27, 2019 - I am launching the Prosperous Lake Soap Co website and hope you enjoy using my products as much as I have enjoyed creating them!


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    Klaudia Makin
  • Hi;
    I purchased some soap from you at a craft market, and gifted it to a friend. She is now looking for more! She loves it! I don’t see it on your website and I am wondering if you still make it?

    It was beige in colour with raised (Black) top. Scent Contents were lavender, cinnamon and lemon grass.

    If I could purchase 6 bars I’d like to do that. If you have it, I am in Yellowknife and could pick it up from you, or whatever is convenient. Thanks,

    Natalie Harvey
  • I need a basket for mom shipped to Saskatchewan. Can you help?


    Desperate in Yellowknife

  • Hi Jackie, my daughter Colleen Wellborn gave me some of your soap for Christmas, which I love and still have.When I was in Yellowknife in February I bought more soap and a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar, which are amazing. I went to your website but I didnt see anything but soap. I would love to order two shampoo bars and 2 conditioner bars if you have any. I dont think I can go back to regular shampoo. Thanks Ruth Wellborn.

    Ruth Wellborn
  • Hi Jackie! I received a couple of your creations for Christmas this year and they are so great! Love the ‘cabin chill’ candle and the pine cone fire starter! I’d say you’ve made great progress since your nicely shaped poop creations! Ha! Keep up the great work! Merry Christmas! 🌲🎅

    Beverly Avery

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