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I still LOVE working with Beeswax!

Over the past couple of years I have experimented with a few new waxes, pure soy, soy/apricot and coconut/soy. The coco/soy came out as my favority wax to work with for a variety of reasons - it is from a supplier that certifies the eco aspects of the wax and it is 100% natural plant-based wax. It also takes and holds scent very well so when you make scented candles you can count on getting the scent you expect. The coco/soy wax also works well with both cotton wicks and the wood wicks that are the predominant favorite of my customers. I really enjoy the flexibility that my coco/soy wax provides and now it will always be my go-to wax for scented candles.

However, there is another wax that captures my heart - white beeswax. I source my beeswax from a 7th generation bee farm called Paradis Honey - it is just outside of Peace River at a little place called Girouxville. Paradis Honey provides both yellow and white beeswax (the white is filtered and cleaned from the hive and still smells lovely) and it is of exceptional quality. After purchasing beeswax from a couple other vendors it is very clear that not all beeswax suppliers take the same care with their product.

The downside to beeswax (only if you see it as a downside) is that it is nearly impossible to make consistent, scented candles with pure beeswax - it just doesn't hold or throw the scent like coco/soy. I don't mind as I often like to burn unscented candles in our house so that I don't have any conflicts with food scents when we are entertaining. Although I really like all of the scented candles I make, I find that I don't like them to mix with the wonderful scent of garlic or whatever I am cooking (usually lots of garlic and herbs). 

So, now that I have gone on and on.....I have just been writing this blog entry to announce that I am bringing back the NAKED candles. This is a completely unscented candle made with pure white beeswax. I totally love it and will be making it in a few different vessels over the next week so stay tuned if you are a fan of the unscented, beautiful beeswax like me! :)