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So Much FUN!!

The summer was wonderfully busy and I really enjoyed the first few (wobbly and strange at times) months of Prosperous Lake Soap Co.  Lots of good feedback from folks and products have been added/dropped and re-imagined as needed. 

No serious incidents or accidents to report this month but I did have a batch of candles with too much dried flower material and they burned BLACK!  I think I have reached out to replace them but if I missed someone please let me know and I will replace the candle.  Darn it - Terry (hubby) was right about too much botanical stuff - he doesn't read my blog though so don't tell him he was right;)

In July I began supplying some of PLSC products to Flowers North so if you would like to see (or sniff) some of my stuff live, drop by Flowers North and have a look (or a sniff).  Stacie has lots of great artisans supplying cool stuff to her shop and you will enjoy the visit! 

Right now I am working on stuff for the upcoming Flowers North Wedding Fair that will be held at the Racquetclub on October 5th - if you are in need of favors for an upcoming wedding or shower (or some other occasion that I could assist with) please come and join us from 1-4pm on Oct 5th.  The entry fee is $10.00 per person and there will be a host of vendors showing their wares plus snacks and (of course) the bar will be open!!

In September I introduced a new candle scent call "Forest Walk", scented with pine, spruce and fir essential oils - it makes me think of walking into our cabin through the woods.  Also introduced Tub Teas for the first time - starting with Lavender and Rosemary - check them out in the "Bath Teas, Salts and Bombs" section on the site.

I am also working on some Christmas stuff - top secret (until I figure it all out....the real secret is that I haven't figured it all out yet).  There will be cool stuff for Christmas.... I promise!

BTW - The photo that is included with this blog is one that Terry and I staged at our cabin on the remaining deck that "used to be" around our cabin.  The cabin is now demolished but the direction of the photo would fool you (we were trying to attract the kids to come out for dinner and called it "spa-like").  We demolished the old cabin and are very much looking forward to building our new cabin in March of 2020 - so exciting and very hard to wait for.

That's it for this me directly at with any questions or comments.