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What I learned in the first 6 weeks and what is coming next.....

Wow, who knew you could have a hobby that is so darn much fun and that can be turned into a business.  I must say that I am always in my happy place when I am creating stuff!  These first 6 weeks have been great and I have learned so many things like.....

How to get the right amount of beeswax on a beeswax wrap was interesting as I experimented with 3 different methods before I was finally able to get the mix right.  There were many "sticky beeswax situations" that I don't want to repeat (especially the part where I gave myself an accidental right arm waxing) but I got it now! 

Then there was the candle wicking incident that ended up with my sister-in-law having to say "what the heck, the jar cracked"?  All figured out and fixed up now.....thank goodness those were test candles.  Accidentally torturing family and friends is far easier than you might think!  Lastly, I simply do not want to explain the "sweaty soap" situation that I had to overcome......sigh.

I have also learned that Real Estate Agents will spend a really good chunk of cash on their clients!  Their generous budgets have allowed me to create baskets that include many products from other northern companies such as Oldtown Glassworks, Laughing Lichen, Sapsuckers, Yellowknife Book Celler, Down to Earth Gallery, NWT Brewing Company, Barren Ground Coffee, Tundra Coffee, Sutherlands…and many more to come.  I love supporting and promoting other northern businesses.

Sooooo......New and Next Up.....the Avocado Shampoo Bars are selling like crazy and I am so glad.  I have two other shampoo bars that I will be adding to the site in the fall.  I know that lots of people have been asking about conditioners now.  I am working on conditioner bars this week and will test on a couple of "willing" human families and, if all is good, I will have them available for sale by late July.  I know that some prefer liquid conditioner but then I have to break out the preservatives as any liquid product that includes water (and remains in the liquid state for use) requires a preservative.  I do have some safe preservatives that the EWG has approved but I really want to try the conditioner bars first - maybe I will move to liquid conditioners in the fall as that is a whole change of production process that I am not quite ready for. 

Another item that I will be adding to the site in the fall is Cutting Board and Wooden Salad Bowl oil/wax.  I have long used a beeswax/oil product on my cutting board and salad bowl and I am working on making this product for sale as I just love how it preserves and conditions my stuff while also providing the natural anti-bacterial properties from the beeswax and oils. 

That's it for new products but I will have changes to a few of the items that are listed on the site as I further refine things based on feedback.  I will ensure I let you know about the changes as they are implemented.

We will be away for a few weeks beginning July 29th so I will be pausing the store for that time but I will un-pause as soon as we are back.  

I am so grateful to all of my customers for their purchases, feedback and willingness to try my stuff.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to everyone for allowing my "creation addiction" to thrive!  Cheers!