"A Fine Balance" Shampoo Bar
"A Fine Balance" Shampoo Bar
"A Fine Balance" Shampoo Bar
"A Fine Balance" Shampoo Bar

"A Fine Balance" Shampoo Bar

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This bar is for "normal" hair.....which basically means not too oily but not to dry either.  It is mild, PH Balanced and will cleanse very well. 

The bars are made primarily with coconut derived, ECOCERT cleansing ingredients.  Kokum butter stimulates hair growth and helps with cell oxygenation which will allow nutrients to be better utilized by the scalp.  Turmeric-infused sweet almond oil and castor oil both provide lots of rich vitamins and will assist with managing dry scalp and dandruff.  Oat protein adds softness and manageability and pro-vitamin B5 will improve elasticity of hair.  Vitamin E oil will help to repair damaged hair and prevent future breakage.

This bar is scented with lemongrass, sweet orange and bergamot essential oils to strengthen hair and add dandruff reducing properties. Lemongrass is an all-time favorite essential oil with it's wonderful fresh scent - it seems to be the bar that everyone sniffs out before the others!

Shampoo bars are very easy to use - just massage directly on to hair and lots of wonderful lather will bubble up to clean your hair and scalp.

All PLSC bars come in two sizes.  The larger 75 gram bar will provide approximately 50 uses and the 55 gram bar will provide approximately 35 uses.  In order to get the full use of these shampoo bars, they should be left in a well-draining soap dish and allowed to dry out between uses.

FULL INGREDIENTS:  SCI (super mild coconut-derived surfactant), SLSa (ECOCERT surfactant),  cocamidopropyl betaine (mild coconut-derived surfactant), kokum butter, BTMS50, cetyl alcohol, sodium lactate, turmeric-infused sweet almond oil, castor oil, hydrolyzed oat protein, provitamin B5 , turmeric powder, lemongrass, sweet orange & bergamot essential oils, vitamin E.