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Stop Bugging Me! Lotion Bar

Stop Bugging Me! Lotion Bar

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A wonderful rich lotion bar and a bug repellent to boot!

I have been using essential oil blends to keep the bugs from biting me for a number of years now and I find it much more pleasant than using DEET or other harsh bug repellent products.  The next logical step in my natural "bug-off" journey is now complete with this lotion bar to deeply moisturize AND keep bugs from biting.  Bugs simply don't seem to like certain essential oils and I have packed as many of them as I could into this formula.

I also love my shea butter and sweet almond oil and this formula contains both along with cocoa butter, castor oil and lovely white & yellow beeswax.  This is an extremely moisturizing lotion bar that you just pop out of the tin, apply directly to your skin and then rub it in. 

There are two sizes - a 63 gram (~2.2 oz) tin and a mini 21 gram (~.75 oz) that you can easily carry in a pocket.

The essential oils include lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and geranium; these oils all have wonderfully beneficial properties on their own but together, they provide a familiar summer scent that helps keep bugs at bay!

This product should be used very sparingly on children under the age of 6 months. If adverse reaction occurs consult your family doctor.