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Wood Butter

Wood Butter

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This wonderful wood butter is made with a combination of white beeswax and extra virgin olive oil and will help to keep all of your wooden kitchen tools, bowls and cutting boards in great shape.  Both ingredients are food grade and will enhance not only the beauty of your tools but also condition them so that they last a long time.  

Many wood butters use mineral oil however, mineral oil is a distillate of petroleum products.  An oil such as olive oil that originates from a food source is far better to treat tools and boards that are used for preparing or serving food.

As all great chefs know, wood is well known as the best cutting surface for foods but needs conditioning to perform at it's very best!  Available in two sizes, 2 ounce and 4 ounce tins.

To use the butter just scoop out a small amount onto a soft cloth or paper towel and spread over wood surface, massaging the butter into the wood.  Retreat surfaces as needed based on frequency of use.